Jep lives in Toronto and makes comics when he is not being a teacher. He was inspired to get busy making actual comics after seeing American Splendor.

His mini, The True Adventures of JepComix, was started in 2004, and is currently at issue 8. Each issue has an homage to an album jep digs, and he will be impressed if someone can name them all. 

He's taken courses to try and get better - with Ty Templeton, and Fiona Smyth, and at that Comics College in Vermont. Since 2010, when he heard Chester Brown say at TCAF that one had to do 100 pages to get any good, he has done several times that, and he's still waiting. 

Jep has also written and illustrated a series of educational books about learning disabilities (now out of print), and a comic for little kids called Beep Beep! He's now pretty much committed to chronicling his entire goddam life in autobiographical comics. 

You can read them online or buy them in a store such as Chicago Comics, or Quimby's, or Atomic Books in Baltimore, or sometimes at the Beguiling in Toronto. 


You can write jep at jepcomix@gmail.com


56 Coady Avenue in Toronto,  M4M 2Y8.