Copy of Old Things Found

I was looking for old BadMonkeyX stuff, tidying up the School section on this misterjep site, and found some fun stuff.  This was by a kid I taught - Avra - and was drawn with love, believe it or not. She was going through some stuff. 


True Adventures of JepComix 05

Here's the next installment, babies! JepComix FIVE contains some great stuff, again all true:

- Ball Street, a story about a ball and a mouse stealing bread

- the secret conversations between Jesus and God in the Garden of Gethsemene

- reportage from a beach in Cuba

and more. The cover is an unreasonable "tribute" to a Kansas album called Leftoverture. It's perverse.

Buy yours today for 2 bucks or a trade for something you made. To trade, write me at jepcomix at To buy, go to Etsy.

Having a Beer With Jason in June

Sometimes I hate myself so much I can't even publish a strip I KNOW almost no one will see. But what happens to a guy who dies with a box of unpublished stuff? It has been a hard fucking summer - I broke up my band, admitted my best friend had dropped me, took my last trip to Sarnia, probably - what a shit hole. I'm good, but sad. Better that than unconscious. That's my new resolution: if I have another few decades of life left, I want them to be lived on purpose. Fuck lying.